I apparently have "Peter Pan Syndrome."

to the person i owe an apology

As silly as it may sound, a pinoy rom-com flick i’ve just watch spark some emotions i thought was already gone. The movie and our past shares the same story when we were rock bottom and eventually parted ways.

So, what’s the point of blogging about this random thought of mine? We’ll just like the climax of the movie, I owe you the explanation, the an acceptable reason why I left you. (Yes, you’ve finally guess what movie it is.) 

I’ll admit I was in a place and position where fun and freedom were granted to me. Both I did not know how to balance well when you throw in other things with it. But you weren’t the only one you I wasn’t able to maintain a communication with. As embarrassing as it is, I’ve left some friends hanging as well (but that’s a different story.) 

Just like you, the split came to me as a surprise too, I was prepared for the long distance again, but I’ve learned that in reality you’ll never know what will come in the future. 

I knew something was wrong, but I never opened up about it. Months passed by and still I ignored that feeling. We had plans already, plans that includes you and me together which makes breaking up should not happen. But, I guess I was wrong trying to work around what we, I thought SHOULD happen and not NEEDS to happen. It both left us, broken and most of all untrusting.

I owe you the explanation, the an acceptable reason why I left you, but I have nothing for you. I think there will never be an acceptable, a valid reason why people leave people because we both have 2 different sides in every story there is. I might be right for what I think, but  can never be right for what you think.

I know this is too much to ask, but I seek for your forgiveness. Forgive me for leaving you out of a sudden, for not trying to work things out, for not calling or texting you after. For not giving you the closure that might have had help you. Forgive me for putting you through all those pain, but most of all I cannot bare the guilt of having your family, especially your mom and your sister see you like that. I’am so sorry. 

I can’t believe that took over my whole system

I can’t believe that took over my whole system

go a head, brain. go over use yourself and don’t let me sleep. and yeah, i don’t mind working 12 hrs tomorrow with zero sleep. its not like a big deal

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

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